Wish List


Please see below a list we have created of things that would be useful.   If you have any of these items at home and would like to donate them to us, please contact us on 01702 426260 or email  hfeadmin@salvationarmy.org.uk

Small items can be dropped off at Reception in Castle Lane, but please contact us about larger items.


Hadleigh Training Centre


Old useable garden furniture (chairs and tables) so our trainees can sit and work or eat lunch outside

Clothing - good quality and clean

  • Jogging bottoms in all sizes for men and ladies
  • Tops in all sizes for men and ladies
  • Jumpers in all sizes for men and ladies
  • Ladies size 10 trousers
  • Ladies size 14 trousers
  • Underwear in all sizes for men and ladies (NEW not used)
  • Socks for men and ladies (preferably new)
  • Hot water bottle(s)

Plastic Mushroom Crates 


Rare Breeds Centre 

  • Paving slabs, to allow us to create solid bases for our animal houses
  • Childrens toy xylophones - for the chickens (enrichment)
  • Childrens toy drumsticks - for animal training
  • Dog collars - must be clip type not buckle, various sizes - for walking the goats
  • Small animal toys from pet shops
  • Old CD's - poultry enrichment
  • Cat litter trays - poultry and small animal enrichment
  • Footballs/volleyballs (for the pigs, piglets and pony and donkey to play with)
  • Wellies - old/holey/etc - for the pigs and donkey and pony to play with and for planting up
  • Tyres - for planting
  • Fruit tree cuttings from trees producing fruit without stones - e.g. apple and pear - must not have had pesticides on it - for small animal enrichment
  • Cob/Pony head collars
  • Hay nets
  • Horse treat balls and other toys
  • Water butts/barrels
  • Herb, vegetable, pond and native hedgerow plants 
  • Sheds - in good condition - for animal housing
  • Plastic, not inflatable, paddling pools - for the alpacas outside and the geese and ducks inside
  • Hard rubber dog toys - for piglets to play with
  • Livestock trailer 
  • Wheeled and lidded hay racks 
  • Old towels for our Ecobricks project


The Hub Cafe

  • Large heavy planters - to enhance our outdoor seating area