Training Opportunities


Training Opportunities

The Salvation Army has been a part of the Hadleigh community since 1890. For 122 years, Hadleigh Farm, and later Hadleigh Training Centre, has been a place where The Salvation Army has trained, helped and educated men and women who have experienced difficult times, enabling them to further themselves both personally and professionally.

In 1990, the Hadleigh Training Centre was opened on the site of, and in conjunction with, the farm. The centre works with local authorities to train people with special educational needs in contemporary subjects such as IT skills, carpentry, catering and office skills.

Today, Hadleigh Farm and Hadleigh Training Centre continue the legacy of William Booth in working with marginalised members of society.

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William Booth chose the Hadleigh Farm location as it was within reasonable distance of London where the City Colony was based and had access to water and a railway. Just as importantly, the clay soil made it ideal for market gardening and crops requiring a heavier soil, perfect for the various disciplines taught at the Country Colony.