Hadleigh Training Centre

Hadleigh Training Centre 

Since opening in 1990, the Hadleigh Training Centre has worked with a number of organisations, including local authorities and the job centre, with the main aim of training people with special educational needs in contemporary subjects such as IT skills, carpentry, and life skills.

Since then, the centre has rapidly expanded in both the numbers of staff and trainees. At the centre, we try to create a hard-working but fun and relaxed atmosphere. As well as the range of contemporary subjects on offer, we also teach the life skills that are vital for a trainee to function both in the workplace and in everyday life. These include working to a structured day, proper and improper behaviour, motivation, and a strong work ethic. 

However, we also look to offer so much more to our trainees. Many of our clients come to us in times of hardship and trouble in their lives. We offer them support from our experienced staff, some of whom started as trainees.

We also try to encourage the trainees to support each other and work as a team, which they're always happy to do. They are supportive and enthusiastic, which shows in their achievements, the quality of their work and how far they progress on a personal level.

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