Rare Breeds Centre

Our Rare Breeds Centre

The Rare Breeds Centre is a long standing favourite with people of all ages. You will love our array of unique and fascinating animals. We have some real characters here, too. After being greeted by the braying of Dylan the Donkey and the graceful beauty of Cookie the Exmoor Pony. 

We have a wide variety of different and wonderful animals from rare breeds livestock to small animals, in addition to much loved attractions, like the Willow Maze. People of all ages will love whiling away the sunny summer afternoons.

So bring the family, feed the animals, enjoy the Willow Maze and pedal tractors, or watch the children play in the sandpit and children's play area. Discover friendly rare farm animals. Experience the working countryside. Follow the changing seasons.  

Why not meet the animals  - and get to know them before you visit?


Our Aims

Recently approved as a Rare Breed Farm Park by the Rare Breed Survival Trust we aim to conserve and protect the UK's rare and native breeds of livestock.

The Rare Breed Centre also works in partnership with Hadleigh Training Centre and you will find some trainees to be staff. As you visit the centre you may find the trainees feeding the animals, cleaning out pens or caring for the animals.

Click here to learn more about our trainees and Hadleigh Training Centre.

To contact the Rare Breeds Centre call: 01702 558550

Notice to All Visitors

Please note due to adverse weather conditions we are unable to house the usual number of animals outside on the Rare Breeds Farm. This decision has been made for the welfare of the animals, particularly our new lambs. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however we will be extending our Easter Egg Hunt over the next few days, subject to availability and included in your entry fee!

The Hadleigh Farm Estate Team, 03/04/2018