Health and Safety Information




Animal Feeding

Whilst visiting the site you will have the opportunity to feed the sheep and goats. Please only feed the animal food purchased from the entrance. Human food can be toxic to animals.

Please remember that feeding household foods and scraps is illegal.



Hand Washing 

All animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which can be transmitted to humans, causing ill health. Bacterium such asEscherichia coliO157 (E.coli) cause infections which can potentially cause disease, this can be particularly acute in young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Please wash your hands with soap and water after feeding and touching the animals. Alcohol hand gel is not sufficient as this does not kill the bacteria and germs that animals carry. 


We have contact and non-contact areas on the farm. Contact areas are places where you may touch and feed the animals such as the gate ways. These are cleaned regularly. Non-contact areas are the places where you cannot feed and touch the animal; the picnic area, play area and the double fenced areas.


Remember the risk of infection from animals can be easily controlled if you;

•             Do not kiss the animals.

•             Wash your hands after touching and feeding the animals.

•             Wash your hands before eating and drinking.

•             Wash your hands after playing in the play area.


Pregnancy advice

We would like to advise those who are pregnant or possibly pregnant  to avoid contact with our sheep and goats at lambing and kidding due to the risk of transmission of EAE, Enzootic Abortion. 

Please speak to a member of the team if you have any concerns or questions.