Wish List

We accept donations and gifts in kind to help us run our Rare Breeds Centre. Please see below a list we have created of things that would come in very handy on the farm. If you have any of these items at home and would like to donate them to us, please contact us on 01702 558550 or email hfeadmin@salvationarmy.org.uk

Wish List

- Haynets - for the equines and goats

- Plastic washing baskets - these can be stuffed with hay

- Children's plastic paddling pools or sand pits (good condition) - these must be able to hold water for our ducks and geese to swim in

- Clean chains - for pig and equine enrichment

- Blue tarpaulin sheets - these can be used as a wind block and shelter in extreme weather

- Hoola hoops - these can be used to hang things from for enrichment

- Small plastic clothes peg with hooks - enrichment items can be hung from these

- Dog toys - these can be used as enrichment toys for our piglets to play with

- Footballs and treat balls - these can be used as enrichment toys for various animals

- Yoga balls - these can be used as enrichment toys for the equines

- Old brooms and/or broom heads - to be mounted onto boards to create a scratching post for various animals

- Clothes racks - our farm staff can hang their wet clothing on these

- Dog crates - these are ideal for transporting large poultry

- Animal carry cages of various sizes - these can be used to transport animals for shows or events

- Various paint brushes (good condition) - these are always useful for painting, we seem to get through so many