Employment Development

Employment Development

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers work with the many trainees referred by Social Services, Jobcentre plus and private funding to help them prepare for the job market. The department supports trainees in paid work, work experience, voluntary work and work taster sessions.

We do this by providing a complete work preparation package. This includes transport and on the job training, as well as regular liaison with employers or placement providers. We also support the trainees with completion of application forms, application letters, job searches and help with interviews. Finally, we offer general work preparation advice and coaching on issues such as self-confidence, assertiveness, literacy and numeracy.

We operate an open door policy to help with any issues arising within the centre or at home, as well as any employment, dietary or health problems. We do this by offering advice, and in some cases, support with transport or finances.

The work within the Employment Development office centres entirely on the clients attending the Centre.  All new clients attending the Centre will spend time with the Employment Development Officers (EDO) during the Induction Process.  They will introduce the client to the Centre and give them all the relevant information that they will need for a successful placement.

All internal reviews are carried out by the Employment Development Office in conjunction with the client's Departmental Tutors. This, together with the many interventions that can be delivered by the department, assist individuals with their personal development and progression.

Job Clubs are run each week where an emphasis on work related skills is placed,  and clients are given opportunities to take part in CV writing, mock interviews and discussions on being in a workplace.

Any client successful in obtaining employment, either paid or voluntary, are supported in the workplace by the EDO department, and should travel training be required, this is also something that can be accommodated.

If you are an employer looking to expand or enrich your workforce, our trainees could make the perfect addition to your company. They are more likely to stay with an employer long-term, consistently exceed productivity expectations, and are innovative because they're accustomed to adapting to situations.

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