Welcome to Hadleigh Rare Breeds Centre's Ani-cam - your chance to see our animals... even when the centre's closed!

Every day, we will upload our latest video from the centre, so don't forget to tune in to meet the animals that make Hadleigh Rare Breeds a great place to visit.

Among those who will enjoy their five minutes of fame are Banjo, the centre's African pygmy albino hedgehog, Tommy the Herman tortoise and a variety of rare breed as-yet-unhatched chicks.

Today's film features our Pied turkeys

OurPied Turkeys'chicks can be found in our incubator - their mother is described by Emma Sayer as 'a pickle' for laying her eggs in the mud, which then need to be collected by the team to keep them safe. The team turns the eggs regularly to make sure the embryo doesn't stick to the side of the shell. When a hen sits on her eggs, she would move and this would naturally turn them.

This breed are believed to have been in Europe since the 1700s and are more suitable for producing eggs than for meat - they will definitely be breathing a sigh of relief this Christmastime!


 Teachers and carers can even link in to our Schools and Colleges worksheets to help children explore the animals further.

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