Hadleigh Farm offers fantastic rural walks on which you can experience the fresh country air, amazing pastoral vistas, and soak up the history of a site which has gone from formidable medieval fortress to modern working farm and site of the London 2012 Mountain Biking course. The various public foothpaths across Hadleigh Farm afford members of the general public breath-taking views of the Castle, Hadleigh Marshes, Canvey Island, and beyond. 

One of the main walks starts at the bottom of Castle Lane and then follows the track up to the ruins of Hadleigh Castle; a great viewing point and an ideal location for a summer picnic. It then continues down the track before turning right, onto the public footpath, which takes you through the pleasant farmland. You then climb through the rolling hills of permanent pasture grassland, but more importantly, you are now going straight through the middle of the Olympic Mountain Biking course. Walkers will then come to the official viewing point which also contains an information board about what is going on at the farm relating to the Olympics. 

Finally, the footpath then leads up to Fitzwilliam Way. Walkers can turn left, and end up on Chapel Lane, very close to the entrance to Hadleigh Country Park where they can continue their adventure. They could also turn right, and head back across the top of the farm to their starting point at Castle Lane.  This is a lovely circular walk, which at a leisurely pace takes approximately 90 minutes.

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